Leopold's head
Charlie Chaplin's feet
Posture queen


My Jewish Feet

  • I have, according to a dubious assemblage of pundits, propagandists, and pseudoscientists, Jewish feet.
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Writer’s Callus

  • Guest post on Bleed, the blog for Jaded Ibis Press
  • Keep Pure. Rolling Hand. Big Wave. Breaking down the Fortress. Luck and Fortune. Sound Knowledge. Fifty-four Steps. For over twenty years I studied karate and these were the names of the battles I fought.
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  • NEWCITY’S LIT 50 2014  //  Who Really Books in Chicago

Don’t Slouch, Young Lady

  • I was a Dr. Spock baby. My mother kept “The Pocket Book of Baby and Child Care” in the end table next to the couch in the living room, where I found it once when I was looking through drawers for evidence of family secrets….

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Berenice’s Hair

  • BOMB 127
  • The Tantrics said the forces of creation and destruction lay in the binding and unbinding of a woman’s hair. The Syrians said a woman who combed her hair on the Eve of Holy Sunday consorted with werewolves.

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Book of Books

  • Guest post on Bleed, the blog for Jaded Ibis Press
  • Can books tell you about the people who read them? Several years ago I decided to write a book about my mother. The book would be a book about the books she read, or the books I imagined her to have read, because I didn’t actually know or remember what she’d read. I knew the kind of books she’d read, popular fiction, drug-store novels…

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